Company Information

Company HIPE Inc.
Established 2019
Capital 10 million peso
Representative 高窪 英樹 / Hideki Takakubo
Office Keppel Center, Unit 606, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Our vision

Lower the threshold for overseas expansion, support expansion, and contribute to the interests of clients.



We, BPOC, were founded in April 2018 with your warm support, and now we have an overseas office in Cebu, Philippines. There is a reason why we entered Asia in 2019, and not just domestic BPO services. Based on our experience and know-how of providing only services in fields in which we have confidence, and our own experience of utilizing human resources in the Philippines, we felt that we could provide benefits not only to our Japanese clients, but also to both countries, including the Philippines, by intervening in the utilization of these human resources. This is the reason why we are here. We at BPOC will continue to act as a conduit for our Japanese clients to enter the Asian market and help them do so with confidence and satisfaction.

Representative DirectorHideki takakubo